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Headquartered in Boston with a satellite office in Ann Arbor, Mauve Capital Partners seeks to invest in and actively manage privately held companies in the United States, and to grow these enterprises to their fullest potential. 

We combine deep operating experience, the passion of an entrepreneur, and the wisdom of a team of exceptional investors in order to offer business owners an attractive exit opportunity today and stewardship of their company into the future.

In addition to liquidity, Mauve Capital Partners provides the business owners with an infusion of entrepreneurial talent, the continuation of his or her legacy, and a dedication to the prosperous future of the company, employees, customers, and suppliers.




Boston, MA

Ann Arbor, MI


(617) 410-6492


Areas of Practice

Practice management software

Establishments that provide billing, revenue cycle management, and patient management services for specialty medical centers, legal offices, veterinary offices, and dental practices

Software as a service

Companies that develop, distribute, and service enterprise-owned software; including analytics, CRM, business intelligence, security, POS, and planning. 

business-to-business services

Companies that provide services such as revenue cycle management, operations management, production sourcing, waste disposal, etc.

BUSINESS process outsourcing 

Businesses that provide third-party outsourcing services on a contract basis -  including both back and front office operations and business functions.

Asset and Inventory administration services

Business providing technology and services including asset management, record keeping, personnel management, maintenance management, or inventory tracking.                     

colocation facilities

Organizations that own and operate data centers, lease equipment, and provide auxillary services such as power management, sercutiy, and network neutrality.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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